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24 7 LINE DRIVE members and program participants have personalized access to the industries most advanced technology, analytics and metrics.

Blast technology

Swing Quality Scores

Blast iQ™ automatically assesses your swing, based on level of play, to score your swing performance.

Scouting Scale

Measures a player’s swing performance and distributes it on a bell curve, based on level of play.

Scout Scale


Scores your On-Plane Eciency for each swing on the scouting scale of 20-80.



Scores how connected your swing is by incorporating your Early Connection and Connection (at impact) on the scouting scale of 20-80.



Scores your Rotational Acceleration for each swing on the scouting scale of 20-80.

Blast 3D Swing Tracer

Improve Your Swing

You can start using BLAST technology at your next training. Book a session online and starting improving your swing.

Rapsodo technology

Hitting Metrics

  • Exit Velocity
  • Spin Rate
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Direction
  • Direction
  • 3D Ball Flight

Pitching Metrics

Ball Flight

  • Velocity
  • Strike Zone Analysis
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Efficiency
  • Pitch Break
  • Direction
  • 3D Trajectory


  • Release Height
  • Release Angle
  • Release Side
  • Horizontal Angle

IMprove your pitching

Utilize the advanced technology of Rapsodo to improve your pitching skill & technique. Start using Rapsodo and train like a pro.

3D Motion Capture

24 7 LINE DRIVE’s proprietary 18-sensor system creates a LIVE 3D image that enables players to see every fine detail of their mechanics. Two 24 7 LINE DRIVE coaches will run the session, assess the player’s movement, and provide feedback and solutions to resolve problems and increase performance.

Includes Analysis:

Upper Body Evaluation

  • Hand Path / Direction
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Head Movement

Lower Body Evaluation

  • Hip Rotation
  • Trial Knee Direction / Stability
  • Center of Gravity

Key Areas of Focus

  • Shoulder and Hip Connection
  • Proper Direction of Force / Power
  • Back Knee Stability
Annual Swing Assessment
Swing Assessment

IMprove your Hitting & PITCHING

Use our 3D Motion Capturing system to understand how your body transfers energy and the adjustments you need to make to be more efficient.

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BLAST, Rapsodo and our 3D Motion Capture system provide instant feedback, the analytics and metrics to help you transform your game.