Our Approach


24 7 LINE DRIVE Player Development is focused on providing the various tools and resources to help serious baseball and softball players achieve their long-term goals. 24/7/365 results-driven facilities and memberships provide players, parents and coaches with a training environment and all of the equipment, technology and analytics to prepare players for their next level of competition.



TRAINING builds an athlete and DEVELOPS skill. Skill builds the MENTAL strength that enhances the consistency and confidence an athlete needs to compete.
Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is a “Pathway” model for players to train and develop their baseball and softball skills necessary for competition. Our ACCESS PLUS Membership provides the LTPD tools and resources for level-appropriate development. 

LTPD is for all ages and spans an athlete's life-long experience within the sport.

Both ACCESS and ACCESS PLUS Members have access to our professional-grade facilities and equipment for their LTPD training needs.  Our ACCESS PLUS Membership includes ICR Credits and App-based training Technology and Player Development curriculum - including 300+ Drill Videos, Position-Specific Training, Tailored Strength Programs, and the #1 Hitting Improvement Solution in the game featuring real-time metrics, a 3D Swing Tracer, and more.

LTPD is a multi-stage developmental pathway. Our 24/7/365 schedule enables ACCESS and ACCESS PLUS Members to plan their individual training calendar according to their In-Season and Off-Season needs.

No. Every athlete needs complementary training. Team practice is insufficient to develop the required physical and mental capacities, and prepare players to compete.

Our ACCESS Membership is a FREE pay-as-you-go (use our facility) membership.  Our ACCESS PLUS Membership costs $149 per month.   

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