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24 7 LINE DRIVE Player Development is focused on providing developmental pathways to help serious baseball and softball players achieve their long-term goals. 24/7/365 results-driven facilities and programs provide student athletes with a training environment and all of the equipment, technology and analytics to prepare them for their next level of competition.

Advanced Player Development

The 247 LINE DRIVE Long Term Player Development Program (LTPD) provides student-athletes with a developmental pathway focused on preparing them for their next level of competition. LTPD is a progression program specifically designed to ready players to meet and exceed the expectations of Select, High School, College Baseball and beyond.

Players will receive foundational and high-level skill development and training, as well as a clear vision of what lies ahead. Technology and analytics are used to provide measured feedback, assess and record student-athletes at each stage of the process. Live and situational scrimmages provide a competitive environment and reps for incremental growth opportunities complementary to select and high school programs.

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  • 6:1 student-athlete to instructor ratio
  • Limited student-athlete enrollment
  • Professional high-quality indoor & outdoor training facilities
  • Data and metric driven player development
  • Competitive and live situational training
  • Position-specific instruction, developmental opportunities
  • Premier training environment for dedicated student-athletes seeking to compete at the next level
  • Athletic Performance Training, Arm Care, Diet & Nutrition guidance
  • 24 7 LINE DRIVE Performance Training Gear


  • A purpose-driven training curriculum
  • Weekly multi-day training schedule
  • Student-athletes will be exposed to high-level skill development and training that builds a foundation for incremental growth 
  • Baseball Instructors and Athletic Performance Coaches with extensive experience at MLB, MiLB and College levels work closely with student-athletes on their development and progress

LTPD Membership & Inclusions

Cost per month: $199



$199 /mo

$199 /mo

$199 /mo



Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is a “Pathway” for players to train and develop their baseball skills. There are no other organizations that focus on and provide exclusive LTPD and Pathway Planning for skilled players and student-athletes.

LTPD is a system that provides the student-athlete level-appropriate development - both Physical and Mental - for players beginning in Middle School and running throughout High School. Middle School Players (7th and 8th Graders) that have the skill to play High School Baseball, Underclassmen Players (Freshmen, Sophomores) that have the skill to play Varsity Baseball, Upperclassmen Players (Juniors, Seniors) that have the ability and received interest to play in College, and or are MLB Prospects. 

The Long Term Player Development Program starts in Middle School and runs through High School.

Student-Athletes in LTPD receive unlimited access to LTPD Training Sessions with our expert staff, as well as all of the benefits of a 24 7 LINE DRIVE Access Plus Membership to train on their own.  Technology and Analytics are used to measure progress throughout the program.

The LTPD curriculum runs 44 weeks throughout the year and is divided into three phases to coincide with the school year and spring/summer baseball seasons.  The weekly training schedule includes multiple days of Offensive, Defensive, Pitching and Catching sessions. Each 4-week Training Block culminates with an extended Outdoor Training Session that incorporates competitive and live situational training.  Breaks in the schedule are planned around major holidays, during which student-athletes can use their memberships to train on their own.

LTPD schedules are carefully crafted to provide student-athletes with a complementary training schedule throughout the year. 

The cost for LTPD is  $199 per month.  

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