Why Franchise?


  • Professional-Grade facilities with 24-hour security
  • Long Term Player Development programs with Developmental Pathways
  • Proprietary Technology & Analytics for Measured Feedback
  • 3D Motion Capture & Movement Assessments
  • Expert-level 24 7 LINE DRIVE Coaching Staff
  • Individual and Team Training Options
  • Exclusive Benefits and Variable Pricing for Members

What are we looking for in an owner

Our franchise model runs smaller and more efficient facilities across a franchise region, as opposed to operating out of a singular large warehouse. A few qualifications we look for are:

  • Experience in Business
  • Baseball and Softball knowledge
  • Passion for the game
  • Interest in the analytical side of the game
  • Ability to meet the financial requirements

How we support our franchises

Hassle-Free Support

  • Proprietary Multi-Tennant Web Application for Scheduling and Transactions
  • Fully-Integrated Back Office Accounting and Reporting for Revenue Distribution, Payments, Ongoing IT Development and National and Regional Marketing Initiatives
  • 24/7/365 Monitored Customer Service and Help Line


Corporate Business Staff will provide:

  • Assistance and training in every aspect of Opening Up Facilities and Franchise Regions
  • A Sustainable Business Model to launch business on a Solid Foundation

Corporate Coaching Staff will provide:

  • On-Boarding and Education on the Use and Benefits of our Training Technology
  • A Recommended Schedule for Annual Programming and Assessments
  • Age Appropriate and Specific Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Programs


  • Industry Leading Analytics with Swing, Impact and Pitching Metrics
  • Proprietary 3D Motion Capture, including Kinematic Sequencing, Tilt, Rotation, and Impact and Release Angles
  • Pre-Contact Impact Metrics, including Bat Seed, Attack Angle, Vertical Bat Angle, Time to Contact and Peak Hand Speed
  • Post-Contact Metrics, including Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Spin and Estimated Distance
  • Pitching Metrics, including Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, and Horizontal and Vertical Break


  • Corporate Website and Booking App with Social Media Integration
  • Web Application for Regional Programming, Events, Marketing and Promotion
  • Electronic and Print Collateral Materials
  • Corporate-run Social Media
  • Co-Op Marketing with Regional Budget Allocation


Franchise Cost

$49,000 – $175,000
Initial Investment

Build Out

$125,000 – $150,000
Initial Investment


Based on 5-store Franchise Region operating at a conservative 43% of capacity

Current Opportunities

The Ideal Location

Unlike the typically located baseball and softball warehouse facilities found within industrial complexes; 24 7 LINE DRIVE focuses on retail locations shadow anchored by superstores and or big box retailers. The smaller more efficient-to-run locations provide for security, privacy and convenience — members and
customers enjoy the experience, atmosphere and benefit of their own private training facility.

  • End cap facility locations approx. 3,500-4,500 sq ft with good visibility
  • Low cost of space per sq ft
  • Surrounded by family-friendly businesses
  • Population density and growth of surrounding area conducive to supporting membership needs including the following key indicators: strong and well supported High School, Middle School, and Youth Sports Programs

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