Complete Pre-Season Preparation Program

The start of any baseball and softball season is sure to be filled with nervousness, angst, and sore bodies. This 6-week preseason preparation program will make you the most confident and prepared player on the field for the first day of practice.

In these 6 weeks, you will be training your body and mind to be prepared for the demands of the season. The program includes:

  • Pre & Post Program Assessment & Analysis
    • Cardiovascular & Conditioning
    • Functional Mobility Screen
    • Performance Testing
    • Tech-based Skills Evaluation
  • Bulletproof your arm and body
  • Train for explosive power
  • Learn proper warm-up for practice and games
  • Understand the impact quality nutrition has on your performance
  • And much more

Each training session is 90 minutes in length and designed to incorporate both the physical training as well as the skills training, so your body can handle the workload of a strenuous season.


Feb 10 2020


7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

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Line Drive - Coppell
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