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At 24 7 LINE DRIVE we have everything players need to reach their baseball and softball potential. Our Professional-Grade Private Facilities feature the industry’s best equipment, technology and analytics. Our Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Programs provide serious players with developmental pathways to reach their next level of competition. Our online scheduling and 24/7/365 access give players and coaches the ability to train on their schedule.


24 7 LINE DRIVE Player Development is focused on providing developmental pathways to help serious baseball and softball players achieve their long-term goals. 24/7/365 results-driven facilities and programs provide student athletes with a training environment and all of the equipment, technology and analytics to prepare them for their next level of competition.

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  • Individual Cage Rentals
  • Team Workouts
  • LIVE BP Nights
  • 3D Motion Assessments
  • Long Term Player Development

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Membership Options

24 7 LINE DRIVE's facilities are accessible to Walk-In users.  This FREE registration option provides ACCESS to train in our professional-grade facilities, at Walk-In prices.


  • 24/7/365 facility access
  • Use of professional-grade cages, pitching machines, pitching mounds, L-screens, tees, baseballs and softballs
  • Individual and Team Training Options

$0 (register as a Walk-In)
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24 7 LINE DRIVE’s ACCESS PLUS Membership provides members with tools needed to perform at the highest level.


  • 5 ICR Credits per month for facility use to train-on-your-own or with a coach
  • Technology to track metrics and progress, capture video and analyze movement
  • Player Development for players, parents and coaches at every level
  • Use of professional-grade cages, pitching machines, pitching mounds, plyo-wall, L-screens, tees, baseballs and softballs
  • 24/7/365 facility access
  • Exclusive Member Rates

$149 per month
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Training for everyone

Data Driven Development

24 7 LINE DRIVE facilities feature the most advanced technology available in the industry today. Using real-time quantitative data, players and coaches receive the measured feedback needed to help make adjustments to mechanics and training programs.  Personal player profiles are established to track data throughout the development process.

  • Blast Technology – Swing Analyzer to capture Bat Speed, Swing Plane, Connection, Rotation, and more
  • Rapsodo Technology – Ball Tracking system to capture both Hitting and Pitching Metrics, including Velocity, Trajectory, Spin Rate, Distance, 3D movement, and more
  • 3D Motion Capture – Full-Body 18-sensor system to capture Kinematic Sequencing, Tilt, Rotation, Impact Angles, and more

Serious Credentials

24 7 LINE DRIVE’s accredited staff includes coaches with extensive backgrounds and experience playing and coaching at the college and professional levels.